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Antyki Decco
ul. Grażyny 4 A
31-217 Kraków

Numer konta ING: 47 1050

 1445 1000 0092 1086 3313

Kontakt  :
12/ 307 33 11, 530 112 273 , 

881 340 043
Adres email:

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Cost of delivery

Depending on the quantity and weight of the products ordered, the chosen method of payment and your own preferences, you may select one of the following methods of delivery:

  • Fastest and safest:
    Courier – delivery is made by the professional courier company UPS. When you select courier delivery you have the convenience and confidence of knowing that your order will reach you on time and for a reasonable price. You will also receive an e-mail with a link to a page where you can check where your package is at any time.
  • Cheapest:
    The Polish Post Office is the cheapest delivery option. Your order can be posted as either a priority or economy package.
  • Easiest:
    The easiest way to collect ordered goods is in person – come to us at 530 112 273, 881 340 043, 31-217 Kraków. The store’s opening hours can be found on the Contact tab. When collecting goods in person you don’t pay any additional costs.


Cost of delivery

The total cost of delivery of an order will be displayed after you have added products to your basket and chosen your preferred method of delivery and payment – in the summary you will see the precise amount payable. Below is a list of standard costs of delivery, together with approximate delivery times:

Delivery method

(transfer or online payment)


Delivery time




1-2 working days

Polish Post Office
(priority delivery)



2-3 working days

Polish Post Office
(economy delivery)



3-5 working days

Collected in person





NB: the cost of delivery may be higher in the case of products with non-standard dimensions and/or large weight.

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